MeloDownz – ‘Cactus Jazz’ (Prod. by ShunGu)


Here is a new video and song called ‘Cactus Jazz’ performed by MeloDownz (from Auckland City) and produced by my good friend ShunGu (from Brussels, Belgium).

A very laid back and jazzy track that really reminds me of the Golden Era style hip hop but with it’s own unique and slightly more evolved sound.

It’s always a breath of fresh air to hear and see artists like this on rise within hip hop.

Anyway make sure to keep an eye out for MeloDownz and ShunGu (currently one of my favorite producers)!


Nap time


That’s how we roll in Armenia…Like a boss.


Admiring The View


Light up the dark



A photo I took at an ancient Church in Armenia.

‘We need images in accordance with our civilization and innermost conditioning, which is why I appreciate any film that searches for novelty, no matter in what direction it moves or what story it tells… The struggle to find unprocessed imagery is never-ending, but it’s our duty to dig like archaeologists and search our violated landscapes. We live in an era when established values are no longer valid, when prodigious discoveries are being made every year, when catastrophes of unbelievable proportions occur weekly. In ancient Greek the word “chaos” means “gaping void” or “yawning emptiness.” The most effective response to the chaos in our lives is the creation of new forms of literature, music, poetry, art and cinema.’ – Werner Herzog


.nakedbear. – ‘When.I.see.yew.first.time’


Here is a final beat for the evening from another producer called .nakedbear. (from Ukraine) that I just came across today.

It seems that the beat making scene is blowing up all over Europe at the moment with so many talented producer coming up on the scene all over the place.

Anyway, enjoy the sounds!

Much love.

aso. – ‘Heaven’


This is one of the most peaceful beats that I’ve heard in a while. I literally just came across this producer a few days ago and I’m loving what I’ve heard so far.

Make sure to check out other production from aso.


Harris Cole – Tell Me


Awesome song. 

Whoarei – ‘Munchies For Your Love’


Another great beat by one of my favorite producers; Whoarei. Loving the dreamy vibes on this one.

As you can tell I am extremely lazy to write out a more detailed description/review. I guess sometimes it’s better to let the content speak for itself.

Much love.


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